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Slouch Pouch - Space Saver Storage

  • Our Slouch Pouch Basic is nature inspired, handmade from natural plant-based hessian material and is 100% biodegradable.  The Slouch Pouch is designed as a deep pocket sack to hang seamlessly on the wall and at an angle to hold many small to medium bits and objects that you choose to put in it. This storage item is ideal for de-cluttering your rooms with small objects that have no place to live and would ordinarily lie around the home. The best places for hanging your Slouch Pouch may be your hallway entrance as a place to put your keys, gloves, dog leads etc or your bedroom near the bed where bedside furniture may not be an option or where you may want to minimise furniture to create more space. Also, great in bathrooms and kitchens where space is limited creating a natural, stylish storage solution. The size is H 42 x W 33 cm.

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