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For all you nature lovers and eco fashionistas out there looking to spruce up your street attire, our natural hancrafted Beaubarian Eco Shopper sports a stylish kinda love for carrying all those loose veg, farmers market buys. Handmade by Edie & Beau from natural plant-based fibres of hessian and jute that are super strong and earth friendly.

This piece is the urban crossover of The Wild Beau Classic bag. It was made under the theme of the 'Nature/Urban' disconnect and is an extension of the somatic movement explorations of the Blèdow Desert. The tuffs and twining reflect the pockets of life and growth of a barron desert with the knots reflecting the a urban/nature interconnection with thin rope making up a primitive net design. Our materials are 100% natural, biodegradable and compostable under the right conditions and the beauty of buying this product means that you donate to help support Britain's wildlife and nature conservation too. Everything you could want in an eco fashion item.

Beaubarian All Jute Eco Shopper


    Size H17" x W14" 

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