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The Beaubarian braided basket bag is handmade by Edie & Beau from 100% natural plant-based materials which is that of jute and cotton. This beautiful little summer peice is designed by nature embodied, somatic based movement practice and handmade in Britain. The pretty little basket bag started off as a continuation of design elements embodied from the desert inspired Beaubarian 'Wild Beau Classic'. The peice is made up of primitive braid and knot techniques hand finished with previous design elements of Beaubarian brushed tufts originally reflective of pockets of life and growth of the desert. The peice was later completed under the theme of 'Nature behind glass' as seen in other Edie & Beau items. 'Nature behind glass' was an exploration of nature that exists in suburban areas experienced through windows and behind the lens. The pictures show an abstract photo expression of this exploration which is then reflected in the choice and style cotton ribbon tie completing the final overall summer look. This peice hangs beautifully off the shoulder and sits neatly below the hip and remains a sweet eye catching peice when clasped. Though less wild, it is natural and reflects that of a vintage british summer Sunday best transporting me back to a time when Sundays were long and British summer's were hot, often enjoyed by picnics, warm country walks and a simple life.

Beaubarian Classic Braided Basket Bag

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