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Unscented Wild Wander Candle Jar

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  • Our beautiful handmade unscented ‘Wild Wander’ candle from our Wild, Wild Wood collection is made specifcally for those who may be sensitive to natural essential oil fragrances. 'Wild Wander' is made from a sustainable plant-based wax blend of soy and coconut. 'Wild Wander' has been hand poured into a reusable glass jar and embellished with natural dried flowers. Nature inspired and unique by design our candle is decorated with plant-based jute rope, waste off-cuts of luxury faux-fur and a vintage leather effect Edie & Beau label made from washable paper. The candle burns for up to 50 hours with two wicks. 

    Ingredients: Soy/coconut wax

    Please click the ‘Product Usage’ tab for directions, contents and warning information before purchasing.

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