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The Wild Beau Classic fringe bag is handmade by Edie & Beau from 100% natural plant-based materials jute and hessian with an inner cotton lining. This beautiful Summer / Autumn statement piece is designed though a nature embodied somatic based movement practice in the Blèdow Desert (as seen in the photos) and handmade in Britain. (For more information on the design process do keep your eyes peeled on our blog) This piece hangs beautifully off the shoulder and past the waist capturing its natural, wild and free vibe. The end strands of fringe are brushed making the fibre burst open for the sun to catch those light golden dreamy tones. The simple design elements create textures, movement and feeling reflective of the exploration and experience of the European desert. This is a nature embodied peice, authentic by design, encapsulating the very essence of Beaubarian making it a perfect natural, timeless classic.

Wild Beau Classic Fringe Bag

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