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Let's talk about The Tag - Part 1

Many people ask about our wooden tags. Do we make them ourselves? Yes we do. And how do we source our wood?

Our recent handmade tags are being made from these very logs. Sourcing the wood is as organic as walking through Lancashire's countryside and collecting waste wood left from the trees that have been cut back. As a trained dancer, I am used to creating dance works in nature and so using our environment as a resource will naturally always play a fundamental part in the creative process from sourcing to design.

These logs are birch. We use birch for the beautiful large gift tags and pine wood for the cute mini tags found on our mini sacks. These logs tend to hold moisture and so if found in the damp or wet James cannot work with them until the wood has dried out. We let the drying occur naturally which can take up to a month. It's important to us that we give time and appreciation to natural processes when it comes achieving the final product. Thus, feels more of a collaborative relationship


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