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Why choose Wild?

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

I've decided to start writing a little more about my creative processes, so that if you choose to buy an Edie & Beau product, you can understand a little bit about it's human journey.

Today, I want to share a little on my choice of hessian and how I experience working with it. A lady once told me that in order to achieve a quality luxury sack I would have to use higher grade hessian. So, that would mean using a hessian fabric that is closely weaved, processed and aesthetically cleaner. Whilst I take this on board, I cannot compromise my desire to move towards wild, raw carefree, non-processed, chemical free hessian for the very reason that I love being in nature. My choice of hessian does not make my life easy. It takes twice as long to work with wild hessian than it does with any other processed fabric. But the value and satisfaction that it adds to my working relationship with this material by far out weighs the value of making money faster. It brings me closer to nature. Brushing off the loose husk before I can even begin to work with it is met with nothing but fascination and pleasure. The rawness of this hessian invites me to move with it's wild nature, creating a conversation, constant negotiation, a dance of appreciation and finally gratitude. This working relationship is wholesome hence a wholesome product.


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