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Updated: Dec 13, 2020

What's the point of unscented candles?

I'm glad you asked. For those who have explored our Wild, Wild, Wood Candle range you will have noticed an unscented / non fragranced candle version as a buying option for any new essential oil candle that we create. Over recent months we have noticed the demand for our unscented option on the rise. Since posting this news on our social stories a couple of weeks ago, I received a few messages and comments from scented candle fans asking the same question(s).

'What's the point of an unscented candle?' and 'What are the benefits?' So, as these are good questions with some good answers, it's only fair to share.

Whether you're buying for yourself or for someone else here are our top ten reasons why you might want to buy an unscented candle at Edie & Beau.

Top 10 reasons to consider unscented, non fragranced candles


Allergies can develop in people at any time in our lives and one common reason for people choosing unscented candles is linked to allergic reactions to fragrances whether they be synthetic or natural essential oils.


Whether you are asthmatic or not respiratory issues can occur in people for all types of reasons. Scented fragrances (synthetic or natural) release chemicals into the air that can aggravate or worsen your respiratory symptoms.

3. WAX

It isn't just fragrances and scents in a candle that affect allergies and respiratory issues. Wax may also be an important factor to consider. Petroleum based waxes such as paraffin wax are thought to be the most commonly used wax in the candle making industry. Though they are claimed to be safe, there are also reports that claim paraffin wax burns fumes that are harmful to the body and are linked to respiratory conditions of varying degrees. Edie & Beau use a 100% natural plant based blended wax for a cleaner option. So, be sure to look at all the ingredients in a candle, explore your options and choose wisely.

4. Pregnancy and Babies

Though a candle seems an ideal item conducive to a peaceful, calming environment for a pregnant lady there are cautions relating to the toxins released from petroleum based wax combined with fragrances. Whether the fragrance is synthetic or a natural essential oil these could be potentially harmful to you and your child's development. To encourage a healthy environment take note of all the points above and if unsure seek professional advice. Alternatively, you can play it safe by finding a natural, unscented plant based wax candle.

5. Pets

Animals can also develop allergies and respiratory issues from toxins released into the air. It is worth keeping scents well away from your fury loved ones but if you are burning candles ensure that you keep them out of reach and the environment well ventilated.

6. (Un)Scented

It makes total sense to use your favourite smelling candle along with some pretty looking unscented candles. The last thing you want to do is spend money on your favourite smelling candle to be lost amongst the scents of other scented candles. Keep it simple.

7. Gifts

Scent is personal and subjective so unless you know the person that you are buying for and are confident that they're going to like the scent (or in my case you are testing the scent out on friends and family because you've created it yourself) you may what to opt for style above scent. You can't go wrong with a natural, stylish, well designed, unscented option that is pleasing to the eye.

8. Guests

Bearing in mind all the points above, be mindful of your guests. Certain scents can spark emotional triggers, memories and associations in people that aren't always positive. Furthermore, nobody enjoys choking on a strong or sickly sweet smelling fragrance or walking into a room that smells like their ex partner. If this is a concern a safer option may be to keep it subtle or use fresh flowers to fragrance the room.

9. Ambience

Unscented candles are perfect for creating a specific feel to an environment with so many design options to choose from. A beautifully designed candle can be just enough to set the tone of a room whether it possess a rustic quality, or tropical vibe they can always be integrated with many plainer looking candles or accompany your favourite scented candle whilst acting as the centre piece in the room.

10. Cost/Resources

One of great benefits to buying a handmade, non fragranced candle from Edie & Beau is that they cost half the price of an essential oil fragranced version making our non fragranced designs more cost effective option for both the customer and our business. All our candles are made to order and the unscented option enables us to offer healthier options for our customer whilst using less resources and minimising waste. In this way, we have a win win.

We hope some of this information has been useful and if you would like to explore our collection of

nature inspired soy/coconut wax candles, you can visit our new Collections as seen on social media by clicking the 'Candles' button on our COLLECTIONS page.

Remember, when you support Edie & Beau you support Britian's wildlife and nature conservation too. £1 from every item you purchase is donated to the Wildlife Trusts. To find out more click here.

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